Friday, February 13, 2009

Jonas Brothers May Act On SNL.

From MTV:

Saturday night, the Jonas Brothers will make their big "Saturday Night Live" debut. The boys have the distinguished honor of being the night's musical guest, and Joe Jonas admitted that getting the chance to be on the show is a dream come true.
"I think you get a little nervous with different things," Joe told MTV News earlier this week. "But I think it's gonna be cool to be on 'SNL.' I mean, I've always wanted to be on 'SNL' and I think it's going to be awesome."
Joe, who has previously shared with the world
his desire to be a stand-up comic, hopes that he'll have the opportunity to show off his comic chops on the show. "We hope to do that. That would be a lot of fun!" he said.
Kevin added that he too would love the chance to get in on one of the sketches, but has yet to see what sorts of characters they'll be playing. "Who knows, we have a couple of rehearsals this week," he said. "So we'll definitely get to see what happens."
If the guys get the chance to act on "SNL" this weekend, it will be a good preview of what fans can expect from
their upcoming Disney sitcom, "JONAS" The guys just wrapped up 18 episodes and are nearly through with production.
"We are loving the show, we are having a blast doing it, and we are really excited for people to see it," Kevin said. He recalled his favorite episode, the plot of which sounds a bit like the Michel Gondry film "Be Kind Rewind." "[There's one episode where] we destroy all of our home videos and we have to remake all of them, and it is really fun. It's really cool."


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