Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Casey Wilson Fired Because of Her Weight?

So, I really hope that there's no truth to this story, but E!'s Ted Casablanca is reporting that according to sources, Casey was told to lose 30 pounds during the summer hiatus and when she didn't lose the weight - well, she was given the heave-ho.

If this is true, then I'm frankly kind of disturbed. Firstly, Casey Wilson was a curvy woman who was by no means fat & in need of losing 30 pounds. Secondly, even if she was fat, why should her TV career be put in jeopardy because of it? As the E! article states, SNL has embraced larger men like Chris Farley & John Belushi, and I'm sure they were never asked to drop a couple of pounds. Hell, I'm sure Kenan Thompson and Bobby Moynihan would never be put under that sort of pressure to lose weight.

As I've said, I have no idea how truthful this claim is, but if it is true then I have lost an enormous amount of respect for Lorne Michaels, Marci Klein & co.


Ginger said...

I simply refuse to believe it. In my picture of SNL there's no place for things like that.

LiveFromNY said...

There is no way this is true. Clearly, E! is trying to make more of a "story" out of Casey's firing than there actually is. Casey was not fired because of her weight. In fact, the "curvy" aspect of Casey might have been what got her HIRED in the first place. I always viewed her curves as an advantage, because it would allow her to get different roles/characters on the show. Besides, why would Lorne Michaels hire her in the first place if he wanted her to lose a bunch of weight? Obviously he knew her shape when he hired her.

Let's be clear: Casey was fired because she wasn't funny, and she failed to make her 'mark' on the show in a 2 year timeframe. Plain and simple.

AC said...

I just think the article is trying to create a rumour more than anything due to the fact that she has not said anything public about the firing.

I love that only one paragraph mentions the fact that she had no major characters and really struggled for screen time almost as a non factor.

She was the same size when she started so I don't see how it could become the factor that got her fired.

I hope both her and Michaela do well for themselves after SNL.

K said...

Thats so fucked up. If that's true, Lorne or whoever made that demand is a true asshole. She looks great, she doesn't need to lose any weight.

AC said...

Glad to hear that Casey has denied it. It is on the website. I'd link to it but I can't seem to.

She has a little joke with the report so good for her. She just didn't need to drop 30 pounds, she looked great as is.