Saturday, September 12, 2009

Jenny Slate Interview

Check out this great interview with SNL's new girl Jenny Slate -

From it we learn that -
  1. Jenny Slate has a role in the upcoming series Bored To Death
  2. Jenny Slate has a role in the upcoming series Brothers (but they are writing her character out thanks to her new gig at SNL.
  3. Her favourite recent SNL sketch is the now infamous Will Forte/Peyton Manning dance sketch.

I gotta say the more I hear about Jenny Slate, the more I like her & am interested to see what she does at Saturday Night Live.

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LiveFromNY said...

I agree--I have really high hopes for Jenny Slate. She should fit right in with the current cast.
I find it ironic that in this interview she mentions watching SNL in the Cheri Oteri/Molly Shannon days. I haven't seen too much of Jenny yet, but to me she seems to be a nice mix of those very castmembers.