Saturday, October 17, 2009

Gerard Butler/Shakira - Post Show Thoughts

Post your thoughts on the show here tonight after it's finished airing! Favourite sketch, worst sketch, Dwayne Johnson's appearance, Butler's appearance - I want to hear what you thought!

Comment, comment, comment!


Levi said...

I thought it was good show overall, the only pitfalls including disappointing amounts of "easy-laugh" jokes. And we really didn't need another "Oh, Thomas!" sketch. The cold open also could've been more creative but the monologue made up for that in my opinion. The Beauty and the Beast sketch was hilarious, though, Update was mostly funny, some other good sketches, and the dress-rehearsal footage during commercial breaks was great and a good way to keep people paying attention for commercials.

Anonymous said...

Man, this one was rough one me. Literally nothing stood out. Really disappointing. This season is starting to really get me down. I had such high hopes for it. I know the talent is there (Hannibal Burress and John Mulaney are possibly the funniest men on the planet, and Bill Hader, Kristen Wiig, and Will Forte are all you ever need in a cast), but it isn't adding up. I see glimmers of hope (Bill Hader's genius James Carville).

I guess it is still early. Though I hate to say it. maybe this 2 week break will do them all good.

In a seperate note, where was Andy? Also, no digital short?

Anonymous said...

Also, I have too agree, the amount of easy laugh jokes were insane.

Gerard wasn't bad though. I'd like to see him with better material.

Anonymous said...

yeah, where WAS andy?? I was looking for him since the beginning of the show, he wasn't even in the ending credits. ?

Anonymous said...

that's what i was thinking! what the heck happened to andy??

my favorite sketch was what's happening! i loved it! my favorite was seeing jason sudeikis back there dancing! he was verrrrryyyy impressive

Here's my theory:
Has anyone seen the lonely island's old video regarding ardy? In it andy wears a red tracksuit just like the one jason wore. I think andy got sick and they had jason take over, cuz that's something i'd never expect to see jason doing on the show

I thought the show was funny! i'm very impressed this season (w/the exception of megan fox)

mccucumberslice said...

its crazy that the best thing about the whole ep was jason sudekis' dance moves(which were hilarious). i noticed he is doing voices on the cleaveland show now too. as far as andy being mia and no digital short, ive been dying to see them make a video for dreamgirl off of incredibad. that song kills me everytime i hear it!

Ginger said...

I liked the Beauty and the Beast sketch. And the 300 gay men sketch ("just needed a reason to measure it" cracked me up).
Also the monologue wasn't half bad, tough I did expect a bit more.
I liked Gerry's segment on WU. And Seth's translation.
Actually, I loved WU, everything(except the stupid balloon) was good.

In short - my neighbours now think I'm insane, because I watched it at 3am, and laughed like a crazy person.