Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thoughts on Drew Barrymore/Regina Spektor

What did you guys think of last night's show? Sad to see the return of Gilly? Favourite sketch/worst sketch? How was Ms. Barrymore?

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Anonymous said...

Very sad to see the return of Gilly, Ms. Barrymore needed to take it down a notch, but overall I would say that the episode was not bad.

I really liked the monologue, the online college commercial, Celebrity Ghost Stories, and I think Bill Hader's impression of James Carville on Weekend Update makes the entire episode worth watching. I would love to find out exactly who writes James Carville.

Notable low points are Gilly (I really wish I could like this sketch), Cooking Al Fresco (Funny concept, but something was missing), and Larry King Live (This sketch had so much potential).

I either loved or hated Scrooge McDuck. Mainly I couldn't believe there was a Scrooge McDuck reference on SNL.

mccucumberslice said...

I really liked Kristen Wiig at first. I think shes great in the movie roles shes had too. Im hating her more and more on SNL though. Its the same characters repeatedly. Gilly is terrible, when i hear the studio audience laughing i wonder if we're watching the same thing. Bobby Moinahan(sp) was making me laugh with his reactions though. Her Judy Grimes character on update is so frickin bad, ugh its painful to watch. (end of rant)