Friday, May 28, 2010

Nasim Pedrad Developing TV Show?

Is Nasim Pedrad developing a TV show? Well, possibly. That's according to Shallon Lester, star of the upcoming MTV show "Downtown Girls". 
In an interview with The Frisky Lester reveals that she is developing a TV show with Pedrad. She says -

 "I’m developing a TV show with my friend, Nasim Pedrad. She’s on “Saturday Night Live.” We went to high school together. We’ve been writing partners for years and we wrote this script, like, a year and a half ago and now it’s finally going into development. So I could do something with that — write that [show] half the year, film [“Downtown Girls”] half the year. That would be amazing. But we’ll see, these are sort of pie-in-the-sky dreams."

Well I am very much on board with this idea and I certainly hope it comes to fruition!

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