Monday, May 24, 2010

So as some of you may know, I'm an avid autograph collector. Well, One of the holy grails came today, you guys - The Dratchster! I wrote to her about six weeks ago when she was performing her play “Sylvia”. I’ve had mixed success writing to theatres outside of New York but I decided to give it a go! And boy, am I glad I did, ‘cause today I received my index card signed from Dratch AND a short letter from her on Rachel Dratch notepaper no less. Needless to say, I exclaimed a little. The letter read as follows -
Dear Amy-
Thank you so much for your letter! You are a true fan - you know all the characters! I think my favourite sketches were me and Will Ferrell in the hot tub as the professors, and the Debbie Downer sketch where we all cracked up! Don’t know if you have seen those. 
Good luck with your comedy writing career. I always recommend taking some improv classes, even if you aren’t so into performing, because it really frees up your ‘comedy brain’ - but hope it works out for you!
I’ve been to Ireland a few times and it’s a beautiful place!
Thanks again for your letter!
xo, Rachel
What even! Dying a little bit. One of my favourite comediennes and one of my favourite SNL cast members writing little ol’ me a letter on personalised notepaper! Too good, you guys. 

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