Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Will Forte discusses leaving SNL | JoBlo.com

Will Forte spoke to JoBlo.com about leaving SNL as part of a profile they're doing and the site has posted an excerpt of their conversation in which Forte cites family as one of his main reasons for leaving -

"As we talk about his departure, the normally jovial and goofy star known for "SNL" skits like "Fart Face" and "The Falconer" suddenly gets serious. "Maybe it's because I turned 40 and I started getting very..." Forte takes a long pause and sighs before adding, "...introspective."
"I just wanted to be close to my family," Forte says, specifically mentioning his sister, a niece and an impending nephew. "If you really want to do good work there, you really have to give it your all and that makes having a life outside work kinda tough.""

On a positive note, Forte says that he doesn't plan on estranging himself completely from SNL saying, ""Oh my God, I would do anything ["SNL"] asked me to do! If they ever wanted me to come back and do a "MacGruber" for one episode, I would do whatever they want. I don't plan on being a stranger from those guys."

The full profile of Will Forte will be posted on JoBlo in the next week. 


Anonymous said...

Hey are u gonna post the news about Seth, Jason, Kenan, and Andy? It seems that they haven't signed their contracts yet.

amyfairycakes said...

There is no news. Jason Sudeikis and Andy Samberg are contracted until 2012, while Seth Meyers is back at work at SNL with the other writers. I have nothing on Kenan Thompson, but I'm pretty sure we would have heard by now if he wasn't returning, just as we've heard about Will Forte. I also doubt he'd leave on the back of his strongest season yet.

This "story" is all because of one poorly researched article that probably got its information from Wikipedia and then other articles quotes said article. Oh, media.