Friday, September 3, 2010

Jason Sudeikis Interview | Vanity Fair

Check out this interview Jason Sudeikis did with Vanity Fair here. Below is my favourite excerpt -

Most of my moves are from the early 90s, like the Running Man and the Roger Rabbit and the Cabbage Patch. Long before “What Up With That,” we did this scene called “The Hip-Hop Kids,” when Justin Timberlake hosted for the second time. I did this move where I’m doing the wave with my hands but my fingers aren’t connected. I remember Justin coming up to me afterwards and saying, “That was awesome!” That was pretty great. That’s like Muhammad Ali coming up to you after a bar fight and saying, “Hey that was a good punch. That looked like it really hurt.”

  • Jason Sudeikis on his dance moves

Don't forget - Jason's movie Going The Distance is out in theaters today!

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