Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bryan Cranston to host SNL

Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston has confirmed that he will host Saturday Night Live October 2. The actor, who won his third consecutive Emmy this past weekend, confirmed the news on ESPN Radio’s Mason & Ireland Show. Cranston said that he was “thrilled and excited”. 
Just earlier this year, Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan said that he was mystified that Cranston had never been asked to host SNL saying, “If Bryan hosted SNL, he’d hit it out of the park.” 
Well, I could not be more overjoyed at this news. Cranston is probably the most talented actor working on television right ow and anyone who has ever seen an interview with the man or his work on Malcolm In The Middle, will know that he’s hysterical. Also, I just want to give kudos to SNL’s booking department for not merely going for two big stars for the beginning of the season, but for booking seasoned pros like Bryan Cranston and Jane Lynch who will actually make for great hosts. 

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