Wednesday, November 18, 2009

January Jones/Black Eyed Peas

Wow, just wow.

I could not have prepared myself for that monstrosity. I wish that I could post a review, but honestly I can't bare to relive that experience. Not only was January Jones possibly the most unsuitable host ever, the writing sucked.

Writers - I really hope that you're aware that this show sucked beyond belief. I'm rooting for you guys - I have an SNL blog for crying out loud!
I know that putting on a show every week is a lot of work, but you guys get paid to do this! This isn't an end-of-year school show! You guys got hired over tons of other writers, because you're allegedly talented and funny, and yet this ball-of-suck was all you managed to produce. And look, I get that January Jones probably wasn't ripe for comedic inspiration, but you guys must have just given up after five minutes.

Kim Kardashian could have been hilarious, instead it was eerily akin to something from The Amanda Show. Not only was the impression horrible, but the material wasn't even funny. We get it - Kim Kardashian has a huge ass. Beyond that, she's not exactly ripe for comic fodder.

Rear Window defies explanation. Beyond a semi-good performance from Jason Sudeikis, it was quite possibly the stupidest thing I've ever seen SNL produce. Yes, even worse than Fartface.

I'm not even going to blame January Jones for the episode. Yes, perhaps she shouldn't have accepted the invitation to host if she knew how limited her comic abilities were, but the writers just didn't even bother beyond "Oh, she looks like Grace Kelly! Let's make her fart!"

Overall score - N/A
(Can't bare to rate it.)


Anonymous said...

I think the writers were well aware. Usually there is some pre and post show twitter excitement, but it was pretty dead.

Levi said...

All their energy went to making the Swift episode good, I guess. I'm way less harsh on SNL than anyone, and I usually find enough things to enjoy, but this was surprisingly bad. Don't blame January, she played her parts as well as anyone could expect her to.

Oh by the way...even the Black Eyed Peas looked totally awkward and fake. Yikes.

Kyle said...

I completely agree. I downloaded the show and watched it the next morning. I thought it was pretty bad, but you didn't even talk about the worst part: BLACK EYED PEAS.

They seriously looked like a stoned cover band up there. It was awful. Do they even get along? It looked like they couldn't stand each other.

amyfairycakes said...

I agree! It was actually kinda disconcerting to look at. But I kinda dig the Black Eyed Peas' songs so I'm willing to overlook their visible awkwardness with one another.