Friday, November 20, 2009

SNL- Ten Ways to Fix It

Read this EW article that's filled with pretty good advice for Lorne, Marci & co., on how to improve SNL.
e.g let Seth Meyers be as bitchy/jerky as possible on WU, get capable comedic hosts and not just the new big thing, more surprise guests etc.,,20321490,00.html


Anonymous said...

The fact that only 3 black women have hosted in the past 10 years, really kills me. They should leave the writers out of it though, they don't book the shows. It'd be worse if the writers decided they should leave out the African American race entirely because they only have Kenan.

At the same time though, 2 women were just hired. Would it kill to have some diversity? This is a show that just calls for it.

Moving on...
I agree really agree with that article. My favorite is the one about Seth Meyers. I just love that no matter how racy he gets, he will always seem ridiculously adorable. His "aggressiveness" is just too cute. Which must suck in real life, but is great for Weekend Update. So let him let loose! We won't think that differently about him.

I'm really hoping tomorrow is the game changer. Though some of the episodes this year weren't bad, nothing has really impressed me. And it is worse when you follow it this closely and know the talent is there.

I have a good feeling about tomorrow.

Levi said...

I disagree with most of this, or see why SNL does the opposite for the sake of viewership. I think this really shows how people's ideas on what is or isn't funny on SNL is so different.

I would really love more black cast members or hosts though.